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Does Your Business Need a Worker's Compensation Insurance Quote In Miami?

Worker's compensation is required for many types of businesses. Its purpose is to pay for medical costs and part of lost wages for an employee who has been injured or become sick on the job. It also covers recovery and rehabilitation services to help the employee get back to work. Furthermore, worker's compensation insurance provides protection agains lawsuits brought against the company for unsafe workplace conditions. The insurance agents at Tropical Insurance Agency have years of experience setting up companies with worker's compensation insurance policies. Talk to one of our agents for guidance on the right coverage and the lowest worker's compensation insurance quote in Miami.

One important duty of an employer is to keep employees safe and healthy at work. The purpose of worker's compensation laws is to ensure that employers pay for the cost of treating injuries employees sustain on the job and sometimes for diseases directly related to work. Without coverage, your company could face very expensive medical bills if an employee is seriously injured at work. Count on Tropical Insurance Agency for proper worker's compensation coverage.

Worker's Compensation Insurance Takes Care of Employees When They Need It

Examples of what worker's compensation insurance covers includes things like back injuries that result from lifting something heavy, hurting one's back in a slip and fall and injuries from a fire at the workplace. Injuries not covered by worker's compensation insurance would include those sustained due to intoxication form drugs or alcohol, inflicted by a third party at the workplace for personal reasons or resulting from "acts of God." Employee benefits are generally determined by the severity of the injuries. The basic worker's compensation benefits are:

  • Medical benefits
  • Income benefits
  • Burial benefits
  • Death benefits

Medical benefits are for employee's medical bills. Income benefits cover a portion of an employee's lost wages. Burial benefits will pay for the funeral expenses of an employee killed on the job. Death benefits are paid to a deceased employee's family and represent wages the employee would potentially have made. Some other benefits may come into play, but these four cover most worker's compensation situations.

Don't find your company in a situation with insufficient protection if an employee gets injured or dies while working for you. Tropical Insurance Agency will make sure that you are properly covered. Allow us to help you get the proper worker's compensation insurance coverage for your business. We guarantee we will get the you the coverage you need and the most affordable worker's compensation insurance quote in Miami.

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